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As the Crossfit Games Open is coming to a close, many questions arise.  Where do we go from here?  Whats the next step? What do I do with all this fitness.  We can say hands down that our Gym Community at Generator Crossfit was in fact the most active, the most fit, and the most supportive out of all the gyms that participated over the last 5 weeks, and for this we applaud you all.  We have posted a few of the pictures of our family, but this doesn’t even scratch the surface.  We are Happy to see faces like Nisha Henderson, Chyla Comrie, Maddison Summison, and Leslie Crawford put in the work to show how far they have come.  Veterans like Sean, and Chief , and Kristen Craft Leading the way out on the floor with the loudest cheers.  If We haven’t mentioned you on this post don’t think that we have forgotten you (Jordan M. , Katie, Jordan S. Britt, Fia , Shae, Bryan, Tiff S., Rylan, Troy, Kathy, Traci, Kerry, Devo, and the rest of the family that my fingers are to tired to type)  You all have made this possible.  Our advice to you is get ready for next year!  Cuz you better believe that we are coming with ” Power From Within.”  Our Logos, Pathos, Ethos, Athletes that will be forged in the greatness of Building 55 will indeed see huge improvements on their skills, strength, and mentality.  We promise all of you that dedicate  your time and efforts to your well being, and the well being of your GCF family members, will grow immensely.  Next time you see your Brother/Sister in Crossfit give them a big hug and say ” Congrats on being a Bada$$!”


We as coaches are constantly rededicating ourselves to you, and your progress.  Although we aren’t perfect ( Though its pretty close with Seans Guns, Dave’s Well Grown Red Beard, and Damians “Channing Tatum” appeal) we are working toward perfecting our programming, our motivation, and drive to help you succeed.  Feel free to think back over the last 5 weeks and let us know how you feel about your progress in the open , and how we can better help you.  The Crossfit Open is coming to a close, however more doors to your potential are being kicked in like a Ninja Cat, with a pistol riding on a fire breathing stallion that also happens to be a unicorn… We love you all and we will see you on Monday!!


Your Fam Bam At GCF

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“Generator Crossfit ‘PATHOS’ Athlete Breakdown”


Crossfit, has another purpose in mind that grows farther into the emotion of the crossfit athletes. We first began your journey understanding the basic movements that are involved in crossfit, and the knowledge that we practice within the gym that can help you become more human than ever(the logos programming). You should have more vitality, more purpose in the reasons that you come in to the gym, and you should also be able to see with new eyes on what your potential can truly become. You’re now onto the 2nd level of your journey and have shown some serious promise. The next step is to really show your commitment to the crossfit model and to what generator Crossfit considers an advanced athlete. After completing this course you should be able to do things that you never thought possible when you walked through our doors. The next test is also a three leveled quest, and they are as follows:


  1. Clinical attendance
    1. Our athletes must attend our Pathos Class where they will be instructed by a crossfit level one trainer, and these movements include:
      1. Handstand push up
      2. Pistol squat
  • Legless rope climbs
  1. Butterfly and kipping pull up
  2. Bar and ring muscle up
  3. Heavy sled pulls
  • Toes 2 bar
  • Chest to bar pull ups
  1. Handstand walks
  2. L-sit holds/ support holds
  3. Ring dips
  • Skin-the-cat
  • Ghd sit up
  • Clean/ snatch
  1. Important Olympic lift work, 1 rep maxes will also be established at this level, including:
    1. Weighted deadlifts
    2. Bench press
  • Press, push press, push jerk
  1. Back squat, front squat, overhead squat
  2. Clean and jerk
  3. Snatch
  1. You will also be required to attend at least 150 crossfit classes getting checked in by a crossfit level one trainer
  1. Knowledge testing
    1. You will be required to take a 25 question multiple choice test on crossfit philosophy and movement and score at least a 75% to pass
  • Physical testing
    1. you must be able to pass the following tasks off, whilst being in the presence of a generator crossfit coach. This will indicate that you operate at an efficient level physically and spiritually proving to all that you have developed passion for living a fit and high performing life of fitness.
      1. 10 strict handstand push ups
      2. 20 pistol squats in 1 minute
  • 3 consecutive legless rope climbs
  1. 20 unbroken butterfly pullups
  2. 3 consecutive bar and ring muscle ups
  3. 50 toes 2 bars in less than 4 minutes
  • walk at least 50 meters on your hands
  • run a 5k
  1. run a mile in under 7 minutes
  2. row 2000 meters unbroken
  3. complete a 30 minute l-sit hold
  • complete 15 chest to bar pullups unbroken
  • complete murph in under 38 minutes
  • complete a 30”/40” box jump
  1. complete a 35”/45” box jump
  • complete a 40”/50” box jump
  • complete 50 double unders unbroken
  • complete 75 double unders unbroken
  • you must attend 25 competitors classes
  1. compete in at least one crossfit competition
  • 400 meter sled pull @ 90#/50# in under 3 ½ minutes
  • row 1000 meters at a pace under 1 minute and 50 seconds
  • perform 15 strict pull ups in 1 minute
  • perform 200 burpee challenge
  • complete the following lifts at your body weight
    1. Overhead squat
    2. snatch
  • complete the following lifts at 1 ½ times your body weight
    1. Deadlift
    2. Bench press
    3. Push jerk
    4. Back squat
    5. Front squat
    6. Clean and jerk
  • Perform 50 wall balls unbroken 20/14
  • Perform 75 wall balls unbroken 20/14


After completing these tasks you will be awarded for your hardwork and dedication. You have proven to your community and to yourself that you have what it takes to call yourself a pathos athlete, and you can walk tall know that are in phenomenal shape and have mental prowess over your worst of enemies. We at generator crossfit will award you and applaud you for achieving these knew heights by presenting you with:


GENERATOR crossfit Pathos awards


  • a certificate of completion of the course and an invitation to complete our highest honor, the generator crossfit ethos program
  • you will get the prestigious “pathos athlete” t-shirt that has your name on it signifying that you earned your spot, as a top performing athlete in our gym.
  • You will be spotlighted by the gym, and will be invited to the generator crossfit competition team


This is a rough draft of what the list will look like possibly with some minor changes, but it will be challenging.  I know that all of you have the capability of completing this phase with proper coaching and proper motivation… I’m excited for all of you to rock this



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The Generator Logos Athlete is the first stop in your progression to greatness and your true potential. This program ensures that you are initiated in the most precise way to the Crossfit methodology, and what is expected of you as a moving specimen. This program will allow you to test your knowledge and skill in the most basic ways, and allows you to demonstrate your prowess in goal setting, understanding, and determination to obtain the highest honor known as the Spirit of Generator Crossfit. There are a number of things to engage in, in order to prove you, not only to your community members but also to yourself! You will be asked to prove yourself in 3 areas, which are as follows:

  1. Instructional
  • you must attend the following instructional courses from a Crossfit Level Trainer:
    • Squat Clinic
    • Front Squat
    • Overhead Squat
    • Deadlift Clinic
    • Sumo Deadlift High-pull
    • Medicine Ball Clean
    • Press
    • Push Press
    • Push Jerk
    • Push Up
    • Pull Up
    • Kettle Bell Swing
    • Row (ring/rower)

Some of these movements will be combined in the structure of the class, and your instructor will indicate it as such.


  1. Knowledge Base
  • You Must be able to explain the Basic Knowledge of the Crossfit Methodology:
    • The Hopper Model
    • Ten Characteristics of Crossfit Athlete
    • Crossfit Defined
    • Well Ness/Fitness chart
    • Physical Base
      • Athlete must establish their physical prowess by completing the following:
        • Holding a 2 Min. Plank
        • Complete 15 pushups in 45 seconds
        • Complete 15 pull-ups in 1 Min 30 Seconds
        • Complete 30 air squats in 1 Min 30 Seconds
        • Complete at Least 2 rnds of Cindy Rx’d
        • Must Complete 6 Fundamental WoD’s Rx’d
        • Must Row 1000m unbroken
        • Must Run 800 m unbroken
        • Must Be able to do 30 Kettlebell Swings unbroken 53/35
        • Must be able to do 5 box jumps 20/24”
        • Must Complete 30 Burpees in 2 Min 30 sec
        • Must Complete 50 Unbroken Sit ups
        • Must Be able to do 1 Min Bar Hang
        • Must be able to complete 1 Wall Walk
        • Must be able to do 10 wall balls unbroken 9/10’
        • Must complete 400 meter run in 2 min or less
        • Must do 15 unbroken med ball cleans
        • Must complete 1 min Hollow Body hold
        • Must be able to do 5 Handstand Kick Ups on Wall
        • Must Perform 5 Consecutive Knees to Elbow
        • Must Do 30 Overhead Squats Unbroken with PVC pipe



      Completing these tasks will ensure your community that you have proven yourself in creating a firm foundation, with basic knowledge and climbing results in the Crossfit World. Here at Generator Crossfit we believe in high performance from all members of our community. All these goals are attainable with proper training from your Instructor and motivation of the individual. The rewards of these goals will help you in proving your performance, your Strength of mind, and Strength of Character in the Community. The other rewards that Generator Crossfit will award you with is as Follows:


      For Graduating the Generator Logos Program you Receive:


      1. Custom Generator Crossfit Logos Athlete Wristband
      2. Certificate of completion of the course, and admittance to the 2nd level of training The Pathos Program
      3. Your name recognized by the gym with a prestigious status of being one of our Logos Athletes


We are coming out with a way to track all your progress and being able to keep a file at the gym, and also in your own personal fit diary in order to make sure we get all these things checked off.  If you have any particular questions don’t hesitate to post a comment at the bottom and we will get back to you ASAP

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Dearest Generator Crossfit Family,

This is an Ode to you all, who has dedicated much of their free time to living the standards in which WE the coaches of Generator Crossfit find important in our day-to-day lives. There are some of you who have been with us from the very beginning, and some of you have just created a new beginning. No matter the circumstances, we consider you all parts of our family, vital parts of our lives, and essential pieces to a much larger puzzle that we are attempting to build. Over the last year we have seen something that has been the most miraculous benefit in all our lives, a high standard of community support. The bread and butter of the Crossfit model are certainly how strong a community family truly is. And we at Generator Crossfit would easily say that we have the strongest by far, and it is completely unmatched. Would it surprise you that we can achieve much more? (I hope not considering that we are constantly hitting PR’s everyday☺)

With that being said, your coaches have been dedicating a large amount of time and effort to helping you hit your fitness PR’s, us hitting our “Coaching PR’s”, and all of us hitting our Community PR’s. So in a short, round about way we present to you the unveiling of the LOGOS, PATHOS, ETHOS PROGRAM effective immediately at Generator Crossfit.

This program was designed for many reasons. One of the main reasons we created this is because it truly is intoxicating seeing all of you reach a higher standard of life through being with us, and we invite all of you to continue that progress by adhering to this program.

Exciting things are truly about to come to pass at Generator Crossfit, and you are going to be apart of it. We love you all and thank you for everything that you do, and are excited to see how well you all do!


The Generator Crossfit Staff


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