You Gotta Prime Your Pump!

Who likes to hit a PR? Obviously everyone, right!? At least I would hope so. One of the greatest parts of actively participating in any type of exercise is being able to see yourself progress. To be able to do things you’ve never been able to do before. Celebrating those “personal records” is something we all have come to not only enjoy, but crave. I know I’m not the only one that has a magic number in their head for that one lift that is always seeming to get the best of them. That one that you know you can do it, but somehow, the weight always wins. Well today we’re gonna look at an aspect of fitness that is many times overlooked, that could potentially help a lot of us hit a few of the PR’s we’ve been chasing for so long. Mobility and warm-up.


I know I can feel the eye rolls from here. We’re all guilty of it. We’ve grown so close to our Crossfit family that the first fifteen minutes of class is usually more of catching up with one another and sitting on a foam roller more than it is an actual personalized warm up. Then dare I even mention when we come to open gym….. We do a good job as a gym getting in a warmup before the WOD when we have a coach that runs us through something specific, but when we come in on our own to do a workout, how well do we do? I know I’m definitely guilty. Grab a PVC do a couple pass throughs, maybe row 500 meters. OKAY, Lets do Fran!!! Now we all know this is a little bit of an exaggeration, but not too much.


I could go on and on about the specifics of why a proper full body warm up is important for our bodies in the physiological aspect… (trust me, google it, there’s literally tons of info) and even more about how flexibility can help us hit our positions better. But I think we all understand fitness enough to understand the importance. During our workouts we use so much of bodies that we don’t even realize so a full body warm up may at times feel like you’re wasting your energy for the WOD, but really, we’re just priming the pump! So next time, when you’re looking over at the coach like their crazy, because you feel like you’re sweating more in the warm up than you thought you would be in the WOD. Know that it’s because we want you to reach your full potential. And we promise we’ll be better at warming up when we open gym too!


-Mike Hickman

Oh and for those that geek out over this stuff like me, here’s a link to an awesome article from Crossfit Journals that I got a lot of the info for this on

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