Our Story

Meet Brian & Sheigh, a couple of high school sweethearts who were sick of being chained to a desk and headset. They decided to take a big leap and quit their jobs and chase their dream.

After coaching for a few years in multiple gyms and in their garage, they came across Generator Crossfit in one of the towns Brian grew-up in. They hit it off with the owners at that time, Dave & Damian, and decided to take another risk and roll the dice.

So they packed up their two daughters (Emmry & Evryst), all their belongings, and made the trip from Arizona to Utah. They’ll forever be grateful and indebted to Dave & Damian for taking a chance on them and providing the opportunity to be a part of the amazing community they had built.  

Now, 3 years after coaching at GCF, the timing was right to really pursue the dream they set out to make a reality.

Meet the new owners of Generator Crossfit!​